Rugged Neck Stretcher Supporter Press Relax

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Rugged Neck Stretcher Supporter Press Relax Description

【Precaution】 ・Do not use this other than the application purpose. ・Consult the usage with the medical specialist whenever you have medical treatment or feel any abnormality in your health conditions. ・Stop the usage immediately whenever you feel any abnormality or discomfort in your body and consult that with the medical specialist. ・Assist with the medical specialist must be required when handicapped uses. ・Do not allow children to use or play around this. ・Keep this away from children to extent they cannot reach. ・Do not store this in wherever damp like outdoor, bathroom and so on. ・Do neither use nor store this in wherever direct sunlight shins on or high temperature may be expected like place around stove or heater. ・Keep on using this on flat and non-slip floor. If you cannot find the place but have to do on slippery floor, please lay bath towel or any alternative there to prevent the slip. ・Comfortableness depends on individual. ・Start the usage for 1 to 2 minutes at first. Then, extend the period gradually depending on your physical conditions. ・Standardize 5 minutes a day for the usage. Longer time usage may impose burden to your body. ・Do not use this while you are sleeping.

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