Denas PCM 6 with English manual

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Denas PCM 6 with English manual Description

What is Denas PCM 6? 
 DENAS – is one the most advanced drug-free solution for pain relief, health recovery and chronic condition treatment. 
Few of many curative effects can be quickly achieved:
 – Pain relief – Decrease of inflammatory reactions, – Improvement of local blood flow – Metabolic processes normalization. – Headaches – Muscle recovery – Joint Pain 
Denas History 
 Denas therapy and medical treatments were inseparable in Russia for decades. Used for fast muscle recovery from back injuries, muscle injuries, shoulder, knee and joint injuries doctors were able to treat patients at a much faster pace drug-free. In 1991 when the USSR dissolved,Denas technology made it’s way to Australia, UK, Europe, Canada and slowly around the world. Certified as a medical device, by the Russian Ministry of Health, as safe and effective for use by doctors, physical therapist, and athletes. In 1998 Denas MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with Denas technology and named it Denas-PCM. Please note The Device is not addictive, possesses minimum contraindications and due to physiological impulse affect and lack of side effects it can even be used on children. AA batteries not included in box as they cannot be airmailed (devices requires 2 AA batteries)

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